Android Studio Super Shortcuts

Yugo Matsuda & Saiki Iijima



Saiki Iijima is an experienced Android engineer working for Yahoo JAPAN which is one of the biggest search service in Japan. He is in charge of auction service app. His team is practicing the extreme programming and the lean software development. He has experience at work in game development with C# and in backend development with golang. He loves Kotlin, wants to learn more. He talked at ・Devoxx Morocco 2018 ・GDG DevFest Tokyo 2018 ・DroidKaigi 2019 Outside of work, basically he reads comics, watches anime, and sometimes enjoy playing basketball.

Yugo has been developing Android and iOS apps since 2013 and is currently working at Yahoo Japan which is one of the biggest search service in Japan. He has developed libraries such as handwriting recognition and image processing with C++, and has 10+ patents. He works not only as a apps enginner but also as a user interviewer and data analyst. Love: daughter, snowboard, FPS game


~ Throw away your mouse, only after that can everything else begin. ~ Don't you want to be a super engineer who writes codes at ultra high speed? Why in the hell do we have to move our right hand back and forth between keyboard and mouse. Its nothing but pain unless you are training on your right hand. You can write code much faster by putting your hands on home position!! In this talk, a man struggling everyday with huge code (cool codebase over 700,000!) introduces that with live coding the ways for freely to move across entire your project without your mouse, and super convenient shortcuts. This talk make you ultra high speed engineer and make your development to full of fun. You can get relief from suffering by mouse code or sudden death of battery. Now, throw away your mouse! ## Targets * From beginners to experts * Those who want to become super high speed engineer * Those whom mouses were broken

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