"Go(lang) for mobile"

Vignesh Ramachandra & Jyoti Dubey

Android Engineer at Uber

& Android Engineer at Freshworks

Vignesh Ramachandra is an Android Engineer at Uber where he is building delightful user experiences on the Uber's apps. He also spent about 4.5 years at Freshworks where he built their Android apps and got a chance to work on the GoMobile tool for mobile apps to solve the problem of cross-platform development. When he isn't building apps, he plays a lot of Cricket, Badminton and cheering for Roger Federer

Jyoti Dubey is working as an Android Developer at Freshworks. In this role, she is building Freshdesk app using Golang. She believes in power of clean and testable code. She loves Donuts, Eclair, Cupcakes, Ice cream sandwich and Oreo in no particular order.


Cross platform development is a riddle that isn’t solved nor looks like it will be. There isn’t one concrete solution to which you could say, “Do it this way”. React Native, Flutter, Xamarin and others have their own backed approach to solve this. Let us introduce one more dish to the table - GoMobile. You can write code in what could be your favourite language(Golang) and port it to Android and iOS platforms. Come hear how it works and have a taste. Then decide if this is going to be your daily meal or occasional food :)

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