Fate is Bull$h!t: Get Happy, Get Known, Get Paid

Stacy Devino

Diversity Evangelist

Nike s23NYC Studio

Stacy is an Intel Innovator, Women Techmakers North America Mentor, Google Developer Group Mentor, Women Who Code Evangelist, GDG Organizer and WTM Ambassador. Are you a sneakerhead? Because, she currently works for Nike s23NYC Innovation Studio doing Android apps like the SNKRS app, Augmented Reality, richly animated UIs, multimedia, Geo-caching, and touch of InfoSec focused on delivering exceptional customer mobile experiences.


You make your own fate and you make your own career. Success is relative , but there are things that the top developers, innovators, managers and leaders do that make them successful. It's not what you think it is, like "Oh, they just work really hard all the time." or "Oh, they are just so much smarter." or "Oh, they are just charismatic" or "Oh, they are just really good negotiators". It isn't even all about the title(s). In this talk, we are going to go through self analysis and prep, then how to establish your personal brand based off of that analysis and finally how best to capitalize on that personal brand with the help of appropriate professionals. This is the hidden stairway and the steps you climb to personal success.

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