Fearless Deploys on Friday Evening. Wait; what?!

Oleksii Fedorov



Oleksii is a software crafter, mentor, blogger, writer, and public speaker with a passion for a professional, healthy and sustainable software development environment. Oleksii has done more than three years of software development using Kotlin in production. He has been developing production software systems for the last ten years. Oleksii helps software developers to achieve their ambitious professional and personal goals through his 3-step breakthrough process.


Do you know how some software development teams are afraid to deploy their code to production, and they have to “pray” after each release that it has not so many and not so critical bugs? Do you know how some business owners are embarrassed to enter the new market because the software their teams produce is so unstable that it’s frantically just a joke? In this talk, you’ll learn how to properly apply practices such as TDD, continuous refactoring, integration, and delivery, get and give feedback on the code, and how you can deploy on Friday evening without fear of being called by your angry CTO to fix broken software over the weekend.

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