Session 1: Android on the Road: Playing Music with UAMP in Cars

Session 2: Adapting Your Apps for Android Q Privacy Requirements

Nicole Borrelli

Android DevRel


Nicole is a Developer Programs Engineer at Google and has a focus on media playback experiences on the Android. Prior to joining Google, she was a senior Android developer at Smule, and an Android lead at Funzio.


Session 1: Have a media app and want to support Android Automotive, or the Google Assistant's driving mode, but worry about how much work it will be? Wonder no longer. In this talk you'll hear we built support for the Google Assistant into UAMP, and what changes were needed to support Android Automotive. We'll dig into the MediaSession extension for ExoPlayer and see how it can make supporting these, and my other surfaces, work with ease. After the talk you'll understand how to make sure millions of drivers are able to use your app to listen to great music.

Session 2: To improve user privacy, Android Q adds additional privacy features. This talk will cover recommended best practices for permissions, device identifiers, app launching, notifications, and foreground services.

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