Incorporating Material Theming into Custom Views

Nick Rout

Android Engineer and GDE


Nick Rout is an Android Engineer and Google Developer Expert for Android. He is currently employed at Over - the easy app for creating. He is passionate about Material Design and Human-Computer Interaction. He is also the organizer for GDG Cape Town and enjoys blogging, public speaking and contributing to open source projects. He is based in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.


Material Theming is a means of systematically customizing Material Design to better reflect your product’s brand. It allows for easy customization of core widgets in terms of three main subsystems - color, typography and shape - when using the Material Theme Editor and Material Design Components for Android. However, how would these subsystems be incorporated into custom components? Custom Views can (and should) feel at home amongst the core components of Material Design. In this presentation, Nick will be covering approaches to making Views responsive to Material Theming. With the aid of a practical example, this will include an intro to Material Theming and MDC-Android, basic theme/style attribute support in Custom Views and a deep dive into key MDC-Android classes such as MaterialShapeDrawable, RippleUtils, ElevationOverlayProvider and more.

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