Minimalism Driven Development

Miguel Beltran


Miguel is a Freelance Android developer based in Berlin. He is passionate about mobile app development, and has worked on Android, iOS and Flutter projects. Most importantly, he’s passionate about teaching and learning, enjoys speaking at conferences and sharing knowledge with his peers. Miguel is also an active member of the tech community in Berlin, where he has conducted workshops and talks.


Simple living, often called Minimalism, is a lifestyle that encompasses practices to have a more meaningful life with less. Minimalism in computing is not a novel idea, it existed back in the 80s when the resources were very expensive and limited. Nowadays, our software development processes seem to have forgot about it. We deploy entire frameworks, or even entire operating systems, to perform a single task. We include libraries in our projects even when we just need a single method. We create bloated products that cram as much features as we can, rather than focusing on doing one thing right. As well, we have problems focusing at work, we struggle to get things done, and all together our mental health is not improving. I believe that is all related, that we should take a step back, simplify, start small, and declutter. Come and learn about the principles of minimalism, and how to apply them to your personal and professional life. You will learn about the importance of keeping things simple, learning to focus on the things that matter to make a positive impact in yours, your team’s and your users' lives.

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