Educating your app – Easily adding the ML edge to your applications

Maoz Tamir



With wide range technological background and almost 18 years of experience in software development in various architecture and technologies, and a big believer in "anything can be solved using code". Today I am working on various Mobile and ML projects.


Creating Smart application that can predict, translate and advice is easier than ever, and today every developer can fill in the gap. The aim of the talk is to give developers a kick start in adding ML to their applications. I will cover the different methods programmers have today for adding ML solution to their application, from using an external ML kit to implementing TensorFlow lite custom modules. 1. An overview of what capabilities we can add to our applications with ML. 2. The main frameworks that are available today. 3. Focus on the 'on device' solutions. 4. Code examples for each of the frameworks. My goal is that every participant will take from this lecture the understanding that adding ML to his application to solve a specific solution is an easy practice for every programmer that is willing to spend the time and learn.

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