MotionLayout: Animation made easy

Luiz Santana

Mobile Chapter Lead


Mobile Chapter Lead at myTaxi, Luiz has been working with Android development for over 7 years in different kind of projects. He has worked for apps for Disney, HP, Dell, Abercrombie&Fitch, Zalando and many others.


One big struggle for many Android developers is to be dealing with animations. The whole Android framework doesn't give really good support for it and ofter it does not look as smooth as planned. Luckily, Google has been working in improving the support for it. Besides the already existing tools, such as Property Animation framework, Layout transitions or Animated Vector Drawables, Google also brought in the ConstraintLayout 2.0, the new MotionLayout. With this layout, animations are made easy and intuitive. In this talk, we will be able to take a brief look at: 1. Basic animation transitions based on Constraints 2. Image transitions 3. How to use keyframes and 4. How to take advantage of MotionLayout inside the existing layouts

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