Building Android apps from your local terminal with the CLI

Krisztián Gödrei & Tamás Papik

Lead Tooling Engineer & Tooling Engineer


Krisztián Gödrei: As a Lead Tooling Engineer at Bitrise, I’m mainly responsible for the app automation process. I’ve been a part of the company since before the beginning (then called Bitfall) as an iOS and Android developer. When Bitrise was founded, I was the first person to work on app automation, that is the core of Bitrise. I also own a few pets: two Greek tortoises, and a boxer named Barbie.

Tamas Papik: I’ve been an App Automation Engineer at Bitrise for 2,5 years. Previously, back when Android was in its early stages, I was gathering all their latest devices, building AOSP version OS and also made custom kernels to overclock their CPU and GPU. I also worked in e-commerce and network communication fields in the UK for a year, then later as a 3D mobile game AI programmer for 4 years. After this, I was freelancing in game engineering and mobile-optimized VFX.


You choose cloud CI because it's easier, but sometimes the GUI doesn't quite cut it. During this talk, we'll show how using the CLI allows you to supercharge the build process through some neat tips and tricks, that'll be directly usable for most developers.

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