Session 1: Write your own EMM and Enterprise app best practices

Session 2: Data Encryption on Android

Jon Markoff

Developer Advocate


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Session 1: Learn how to use the Android Management API to create your own EMM. Best practices for Enterprise apps Pitfalls when running in a work profile Key takeaways -Learn how to write your own EMM -Learn how to handle the work profile and limited privileged containers on Android

Session 2: Go through strategies for data encryption on Android and do a deep dive into the Jetpack Security library. 1. Outline the currently problem with encryption on Android including rampant bad information online. 2. Best practices for using Jetpack Security. 3. Deep dive into why / how the JetSec was built, talk about design decisions and challenges building the library. 4. Dive into Tink, an open source library powering JetSec. 5. Overall takeaway, learn how to properly leverage the AndroidKeyStore and encrypt data properly.

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