Inclusive Craft

Joe Birch

Senior Engineer


Hi, my names Joe. I’m an Android Engineer and Google Developer Expert for Android, Google Pay and Flutter based in Brighton, UK working on the Android team at Buffer. I’m passionate about coding and love creating robust, polished and exciting projects for mobile, the web, TV, wearables and I’ll probably be toying with whatever the new thing is at the time you’re reading this – I love to be constantly learning. I’m also a keen writer as I love to share my learnings and experiences with others.


In this modern day we often take things for granted. From the apps we use, the things we buy to the clothes we wear - it's easy to get wrapped up in our consumption and forget how easy it is for us to interact with these things. Now imagine if there was a change of circumstance - would you still be able to interact with the device that you're reading this on? How would your experience have been getting to the location that you're currently at, or brew that coffee you made this morning? Without being in these positions ourselves, it can be too easy to make things that might work well for us, but not necessairly be usable by those who are not in the same position. In this talk I want to explore this mindset so that we can think outside of our comfort zone, in the hope that more people can be enabled to explore the things that we experience.

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