Let your design evolve, adopt a Design System!

Jean-Baptiste Vincey

Android engineer


After completing my master in Munich, and a year in Benin as volonteer, I started to work as an Android engineer in 2015 at Backelite Montpellier (France) to develop banking applications. I am now working on Deezer Android app for more than a year in Paris.


As Deezer team expanded over the last years, making changes and maintaining design in the mobile app became a major concern: - How to keep the different screens of the app(s) consistent and let the design evolve? - How to ensure consistency across platforms / applications? - How to fill knowledge gaps between designers and developers? #ATOMIC DESIGN To tackle these issues, we decided to build a strong Design System, based on Brad Frost methodology: Atomic Design. We established with designers a UIKit, a pattern library, implemented as an Android library and inspired from Atomic Design, defining every UI component of the app. During the presentation, we will dive in the UIKit to see how components are defined and organized, integrated in the app with global architecture, and the implications on the design and development process in our team.

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