Measure What Matters with Jetpack Benchmark (Lightning)

JB Lorenzo

Senior Android

OLX Group

JB is a geeky mobile expert from Berlin. JB has been with OLX Group for more than three years, two years of which are from the Philippines and the rest from Berlin. Before that he worked for 4 years in a company that serviced clients such as NFL, HSN and other large media companies. He likes exploring new technologies related to mobile, especially those that can improve developer productivity. JB enjoys experiencing different cultures via food, language, and travel.


(Lightning Talk) Benchmark is one of the new interesting libraries recently released by the Jetpack team at Google. This library allows you to measure the speed of certain parts of your application. This is helpful to validate certain parts of your app that are repeatedly accessed such as going into details of items, or scrolling through an infinite list. The measurements help you monitor if your app performance is slowing down. Because of this, you can integrate it to your CI. We'll show a real life scenario of benchmarks on the OLX app and show you how you can integrate it in your CI tool.

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