Customer Driven Development : What, Why & How?

Ishan Khanna

Senior Android Engineer


Ishan is a passionate product enthusiast and self-taught developer who loves open source technologies, tech conferences, and hackathons. Currently working as a Senior Android Engineer at Getaround (Amsterdam, Netherlands) before that he spent 2 years crafting experiments for on their Android Apps. He is also PMC member at Apache Fineract Project and a Maintainer at Mifos Initiative. He successfully graduated as a Google Summer of Code Intern in 2014 under Mifos and in 2015 under XMPP Standards Foundation and has been mentoring students at Google Summer of Code ever since.


This talk will teach developers how to efficiently write & setup experiments (A/B Tests) and hence showcase a way to create apps that keep the customers at the centre of everything. If you attend this talk you will learn how to frame the hypothesis, calculate runtime of an experiment, set up metrics to measure success so that you can act as a product manager yourself in future! Having run over a 100 experiments alone in the last 2 years at (One of the world’s biggest platform running massive number of A/B Tests) with 10% success rate, I’ll present some hard to believe facts related to user experience and design that developers often overlook while shipping features. Think of this talk as a crash course for Mobile Developers to become Product Owners.

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