A Real use case of practical AR-AI couple - Size my luggage

Giovanni Laquidara

Android Engineer

VR/AR lovah

Android engineer at TUI with a past of 12 years’ experience building Object Oriented, real-time, and mobile applications. Super passionate about Android development, VR/AR and AI. Take part in many IT communities as an active member/leader, becoming Technical Leader of GDG-Rome and Mobile Tea, Facebook DevCircle I’m having fun as a speaker in many IT and developer conferences, like Codemotion, Droidcon.


We are reading about AR as the future platform even though we are currently experiencing only gaming/entertainment use cases about it. Let's look an effective non-gaming sample: Many travel and transport companies are using AR to help you to understand if your luggage fit their limits. We will analyze their apps and learn how to develop an Android native app doing the same using ARCore, Sceneform and a bit of AI with Firebase ML Kit. At the end you will be able to apply this new skills to new exciting use cases.

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