A LUT (lot) of image filters on Android

Garima Jain

Android Engineer


Garima Jain, also known as @ragdroid is working as an Android Engineer at Over. Previously she has worked with Fueled Noida and Bharti Soft Bank (Hoppr, Hike). She is also an international speaker, CasterIO author and an active technical blogger.


In this talk, we will learn how to create image filters with LUTs (Lookup Tables) using Renderscript on Android. We will briefly look into various approaches one can take for creating filters on Android. We will then learn about the basics of LUTs and how we can use them with Renderscript for creating filters. Finally, we will focus on the challenges that we faced while implementing filters on Android with the Renderscript framework. We will try to use graphical representations wherever possible to explain all these concepts.

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