Android... without Google

David Branton

Lead Engineer

Candide Ltd

David has worked with Android for the last decade but has recently changed tack to live the full stack dream via nodejs & [says quietly] React Native! He enjoys surfing in his spare time and building Android apps that help him find the best waves.


When we talk Android we often conflate the Operating System with the primary developer - Google. However, Google-Android is just one part of the Android story with notable forks by way of Amazon's FireOS and OnePlus' OxygenOS. In this talk, you will learn about; 1) the patterns that permit supporting Google-Android and non-Google Android from a single codebase, 2) the business trade-offs to consider when deciding to support an Android fork (or not), 3) the code and development workflow benefits to not explicitly relying on things like Google Play Services/Firebase Products, 4) what happens to your Google Play Services code when running on devices not part of the Open Handset Alliance (OHA), 5) the Amazon equivalents to the Google Developer Console, Publishing APIs, automated testing and alternative app stores. Come and explore how to Android without "The Big G" and get your app onto as many Android devices as is physically possible!

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