Google Data Collection on Android

Darryn Campbell

Software architect

Zebra Technologies

Darryn is a software development architect and full-stack developer based out of the UK working for the Mobile Computing Business at Zebra Technologies which builds rugged enterprise mobile computers for use in retail, transportation, warehouse and healthcare. With over 10 years of development experience on mobile platforms ranging from PocketPC to the latest Android devices Darryn is responsible for ensuring product SDKs and developer tools align with expectations as well as come up with solutions and new features to drive product requirements


Exactly what data is your Android device collecting about you? What does Google know about you? These are some of the most clickbaity headlines around, so it can be very difficult to find the truth between the sensational headlines and the ameliorating responses from Google. There have been some academic studies on what Google collects, how often and how much – In this talk I will go through those results as well as present findings from my own original research. I will describe how you can go about performing your own tests on what data your phone is sending and finally discuss some of the network and on-device solutions to control what data gets sent to Google beyond just adjusting the device settings.

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