What's Next? Driving inclusive design at your company

Ataul Munim

Android Developer & GDE


Android at Monzo, Google Developer Expert for Android. Terrible memory, excellent movie watcher, fantasises about being a musician, and terrible memory.


So you know how to make your app accessible. You've been to the talks, read the articles, brushed up on the docs and learned all the APIs so now you're finally ready. What's next? I've shared a lot over the last few years about designing for inclusivity and how, as mobile developers, we can add better support for specific groups of users in our apps. One of the questions that I invariably get asked is "how do I get the rest of my team and company onboard?" Last year, I started working at a fast-paced, rapidly growing startup in the UK. I was really overwhelmed, and I had a hard-enough time getting through my day-to-day work that I felt guilty that I couldn't give the requisite time to make sure my output was accessible. Something had to change and it did. This is a story about what we did to drive inclusive design at our company, and how you can do the same.

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