What I learnt by building the exact same app in Kotlin (Native Android), Nativescript and Flutter

Arnav Gupta

Mentoring budding Android Developers

Coding Blocks Bootcamp

Arnav, one of the co-founders of Coding Blocks, a software development bootcamp, has been working with Android ever since Nexus One. Initially a custom ROM enthusiast, an a maintainer on CyanogenMod/LineageOS, he now mentors budding Android developers learn the tricks of trade and maintains half a dozen popular Android open source projects.


This will go through the journey of building a blogging app (Medium clone) using Kotlin, Nativescript and Flutter and discuss the differences in developer and user experience for the apps built using all these platforms. So I took the famous realworld.io project (which is a clone of Medium) and implemented it in Kotlin for native Android, and then using Nativescript-Vue and finally in Flutter. Although separate platforms, the end result looks identical to the end user. We will compare a bunch of things across these three platforms - Developer Experience Performance (out of the box) Performance optimisation learning curve Memory/CPU/App size differences Lines of Code Perceptible jank, smoothness Constraints and limitations of each framework

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