A Journey in Shared Code with Kotlin Multiplatform

Ankush Gupta

Senior Software Engineer


Ankush Gupta is a Senior Software Engineer at Quizlet, with a passion for both learning and teaching. He’s been involved with Android at Quizlet since he wrote its first lines of code as an intern in January 2013. Ankush has also worked on several web and backend projects at Quizlet, but most of his time nowadays is spent on the Mobile Infrastructure team, where he works to improve the architecture and the developer experience for all things Android.


Hear the story of how we shipped Kotlin Multiplatform across Android, iOS, and the Web to power Quizlet’s learning experience for over 50 million users per month. By pinpointing the best areas of our already mature codebase to share (and intentionally skipping over many others), Quizlet was able to use Kotlin Multiplatform to share the “secret sauce” of our product without shackling our Android, iOS, and Web clients to a predetermined architecture. We drastically reduced the size of our Android app, achieved performance and stability wins across both iOS and Android, simplified our Web build process, and unlocked the ability for mobile and backend engineers to work confidently on this shared code -- but we also faced several speed bumps along the way. Learn how we overcame challenges such as platform-specific quirks of the Kotlin standard library, constantly evolving tooling, and many more to make the magic happen!

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