Iterative Mobile Development

Andrea Falcone

Senior Software Engineer


Andrea Falcone is a Senior Software Engineer at Google. Currently she is working on Androidx building libraries and tooling for internal and external developers as part of Android Jetpack. She previously built Crashlytics, Fabric and fastlane (first at Crashylytics, then Twitter, then Google!) She is an accomplished mobile/mobile tools developer with experience in building not only iOS and Android apps but also Android Studio Plugins, Android SDKs, Gradle plugins, and CI/CD systems like fastlane.


In the web world, developers can ship and iterate on features very quickly. How can mobile developers use this same process when there is overhead to doing a full release? Learn how our team does iterative product development, from technical automation solutions to a team process that facilitates it. You'll learn how developers can gain control and bring features to your more customers quickly!

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