Smoothing your users path to new devices

Al Sutton

Software Engineer


Al is a software engineer on the Android Backup and Restore team at Google. In this role he focuses on helping users move smoothly between old and new devices. Prior to joining Google earlier this year he has worked for a number of companies working on Android tooling, apps, and firmware including Facebook. His involvement with Android goes back to version 1.0 and has enjoyed watching the OS, apps, and community evolve over that time including attending Droidcon Berlin a number of times.


We all know that users buy new devices, but how many developers have considered the user experience of moving users from their old device to their new one? In this session I'll be talking about how to can make the transition to a new device easier for users, how Android features like Auto Backup can help your user get up and running quickly, and offering some advice on making your users transition between devices as smooth as possible.

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